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Forget Tarzan Meet African boy who can't speak ,eats grass and lives in the jungle - Photos


Forget Tarzan, Mowgli, Here is a rare breed 21-year-old Boy from the east African country of Rwanda Who Can't Speak, Eats Grass, Stays In The Jungle

A video released by 'Afrimax Rwanda' on YouTube days ago in which the life of a special boy who was reportedly raised by animals in the Jungle was made public.

The story details that in the rural areas of Rwanda, there lives a young man whose life from the date of birth is still a mystery to many.

Born in 1999, the 21-year-old boy's Mother as well as relatives are worried that the boy is being mocked, bullied for looking like a chimpanzee.

Authorities are said to be trying to reintegrate the young boy back into the society as well as some NGOs are volunteering to assist him and his family too.

Its really heartbreaking seeing Africans mocking one of their own. 

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