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Is Agbani Darego the Ugliest Miss World - Photos


Mrs Danjuma

In 2001, Nigeria’s Rivers  state born Agbani Darego made history as the first black queen to win Miss World in a very captivating fashion. 

Precisely 20 years later, the coronavirus year, October precisely, the Independent Month, social media is on a meltdown as Google Search shows Darego as ugliest Miss World (You don’t have to check it too you know?).

Nigerians might be divided within, but nothing unites citizens of the most populous black nation in the world than misrepresenting one of their own. Social media, Twitter, like a fuel-laden fallen taker, exploded over Agbani Darego misjudged as the ugliest Miss World. 

Many query questions flooding the timelines and appreciating tweets to drum support for the ever beautiful beauty queen, though some had reservations as to how beautiful Darego was as a Miss World.

But her intelligence, which apparently is one of the criteria, stood her out and that poses a fact, everybody can connect with.

 The apparent discrimination First noticed by a Twitter user with the handle, Growth Queen, she said:

 “I find it interesting that the results to “Who is the most beautiful Miss World” on Google shows links to various rankings. But “Who is the ugliest Miss world” gives you Agbani Darego’s profile, full stop."

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