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Galaxy Music Awards 2020 To include 6 States

Theme : The Alternative Industry .

When Tyler Perry said “while others looked for a sit at the table I built a table," he must have been talking about the GMAs. That's because over here, we are building a platform for the Down South's entertainment industry, from the ground up. 

For a country of over 200 million people, one thriving entertainment hub is not enough. Add this to the fact that the Down South, with about 50million people, has hundreds of thousands of incredible talents, and the need for its own entertainment hub becomes even more apparent. 

This is why we are here.

At the GMAs we are passionate about the South South/East, capitalizing on its massive talent pool, unique culture, lifestyle and remarkable potential to create its own thriving entertainment industry. 

Akwa Ibom. Bayelsa.

Cross River.Delta.

Edo.Rivers .Abia.





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