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Men That Own Cars have more sex than Others, Study Reveals

Men having their own wheels gives them higher self-esteem and is a status symbol women find attractive, researchers say.

Those with a motor typically had sex twice as often, and with double the number of partners  but they were less likely to use a condom.

A car also makes it easier to get to places for sex and can be used for bonking in public places.

Study leader David Soriano-Hernandez said: “It can act as a sexual enhancer in emerging adulthood.

“Women still demonstrate a clear preference for men that possess or show the potential to acquire material resources.

“In Western culture material resources can be measured in terms of bank accounts, homes and cars.”

“It is not unusual for cars to have a type of erotic effect on their owners and spectators.

Expressions such as ‘hot’, ‘sexy’, and ‘exciting’ are often used to describe automobiles.”

The university researchers in Mexico asked 1,000 males aged 17 to 24 about their sex lives.

The findings are published in the journal Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

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