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Lady Offers to Sleep with Men to Raise 250k House Rent - Photos

A Nigerian lady who goes by the name Ojochide Obidi has taken to micro blogging platform Twitter to seek for money for house rent by offering to sleep with random men on the social media platform.

The lady is seeking 150k as she said she already has 100k.

The post has generated mixed reactions from Nigerians as some persons are hailing the lady for her uncommon courage while others have chosen to lash out at the Abuja based lady.

She however gave the excuse that her family members have refused to assist her.

She tweeted "

Need someone to fuck me and give me money.Wanna get a space of my own and I have 100k as opposed to the N250k for the house.I will still need to buy a bed and some pots but let me just secure the house.Dm if you are serious

 Keep the retweets coming guys. You can’t shame the shameless.I have asked some friends and my family but it seems the January strife is crawling in.Let’s help this baby girl get a house please, i can be able to do my numerous business effectively.

Nigerians react "

What do you guys think??

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