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18+: Is it Okay to Give a woman Head During Sex?! Checkout interesting Replies from Nigerian Men

The issue of sex is one that is seldom discussed in Africa as its basically seen as a taboo.

Even in relationships sex topics are usually avoided during discussions especially from the women folk.

Sexual activities have recently become a very big deal amongst couples in recent times as more women are coming out to complain about their men not giving them the desired sexual satisfactions.

Most women prefer foreplay during sex but most African men are always in a hurry and most times forget about the basic things that gives women pleasure like giving head and kissing.

There has been a growing concern that most African men always shy away from sexual foreplay like licking their women's privates etc.

This however led our team from viewsnaijamedia to conduct a survey to get the opinion of Nigerian men on giving their women head during sex.

Below are some of the interesting replies we got;

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