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How I almost gave up on music some years ago - Maxi Kabiesi

Music artist Maxi Kabiesi has narrated how he almost gave up on his dream of becoming a musician when he started doing music 12 years ago.

Read his story in a new social media post below "

It all started 12 years oga from the street , facing the struggles and the discouragement but still never gave up, because I believed, then  made it through with that world class tune and Evergreen sound #Chocomilo , that was the beginning of greatness, the light shined the world saw it. Then Many tried to stop it, the down time came, but God saw me through it, in all I was still consistent, in dropping great singles like #Doromi #shemi #Rosy and more , did great collaborations with @Timaya @burna boy  @duncan mighty @frank D Nero and many great musicians, I have really enjoyed this career, but I have a goal, and we never stop until it its fulfilled. #the Grammy' so I came back massively with the #Doings 🔥🔥🔥 Now flagging the next level #Home and Away!

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Excellhigh said...

Hustle must pay...life nah jeje