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Musician Dr.Barz set to Honour Ken Saro-Wiwa at his Concert Behind Barz

As the 2019 edition of the Behind Barz Concert draws near, Nigerian Rapper Dr. Barz and his Team has efficaciously unveiled a foremost content for this year’s version of the event

A candle mild carrier has been scheduled to preserve in honour of the late Nigierian Activist KEN SARO-WIWA whose Remembrance Day concindentally falls on the equal date as the Behind Barz Concert (NOVEMBER 10TH).

The Rapper has entreated all his fans and remarkable humans of Ogoni to come out with a candles as it will be raised to honour the Late Legend Ken Saro-Wiwa whose full name is KENULE BEESON SARO-WIWA who died struggle for the survival and rights of the Ogoni People of Rivers State. He was once carried out by using a placing in Port Harcourt on November tenth 1995.

Dr. Barz who Champions the PUNCH LINES NOT PEOPLE Movement as fused in this Candle mild provider into his 2019 Behind Barz Concert which will preserve at Exodus Café GRA Port Harcourt. This candle mild service will involve Lighting of Candles, Procession, Artistes Performances and many more.

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