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Photos from the 3rd Port-Harcourt Bole festival

The annual Port-Harcourt Bole festival held on Saturday 3rd August at the Obi Wali cultural centre in Port-Harcourt and there was massive turn out as people trooped out en mass to celebrate the prestigious and delicious roasted plantain commonly known as "Bole ".

Top music artists like Rema, Dr.Barz,Idahams,Ajebo Hustlers,Dandizzy etc were on hand to entertain the guests, while Ushbebe,David Wilson and Romeo without Juliet were the hosts as they kept the guests thrilled all through the evening.

There were lots of foods and drinks as well as assorted types of Bole and fish.

The event was a success and next edition is definitely going to be better.

Here are some still shots from viewsnaijamedia:

The Port-Harcourt Bole and fish is the best!!

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