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Stop Prostitution Now! How I lost a close friend to Prostitution, Singer Ex Brown E Advice Ladies

Popular Port-Harcourt based singer and music producer Ex Brown E has taken to his Facebook page to narrate how he lost a close friend to the age-long trade.

The singer also advised females to also desist from the habit as there are lots of risks involved.

Read what he wrote below "

"Plz this is my public appeal  to every Lady I know or even the ones I don't know that is directly or indirectly into Flirting/Prostitution... I beg you in the name of God, stop it now. Whether u are standing on the road at night, or u get ur clients via online (Digital Prostitutes), or anyhow u run ur own.... Biko stop it. 

The rate Girls are being killed or used for money rituals is very high now oo... I just lost someone I know due to this lifestyle and somehow I am feeling very bad I didn't try to talk to her or make her stop sleeping around and that is exactly why I am writing this public note to all the Ladies I know...... Plz be contented with what you have already while u work legitimately towards getting better financially... I'm really pained watching a video clip, seeing the lifeless body of my friend in pool of her own blood, and the Guy confessing he killed her for rituals😭😭... Plz Mind the kinda guy you visit, also know that money is not everything incase u are doing it for money....  Yeah I know things are hard & being broke brings lots of temptations but know that you're neither the first nor even the last person to be broke in this world... Even me (Exbrown E Ebirim that is writing this message, I'm broke but that shouldn't be the reason I should resort to doing certain things just for money sake.. God forbid.

   NB:  Please no one should ask me to send the video, because I won't. Thanks
  I pray and hope this my message will Change someone for good!!!   May God Be with us all to lead, guide and protect us always. Amen.

 #Exbrown_E  a.k.a #Nwa_Afo

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