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BBN: How Tacha's diary session offended some non - fans - Photos

During the nominees possible last diary section, all the nominees expressed anxiety and told Big brother the housemates that they will miss if evicted but Tacha.
Tacha told Big Brother that she is not going to miss anybody because she is not going anywhere.
Some fans and non fans alike have scolded her for being overconfident. They have asked her to be humble. And I ask, is overconfidence now a known crime in Nigeria? This is the same lady that was said to be having complex issues, she turns around all confident and people are offended? The same people that will tell you that there is power in the spoken word are now offended that Tacha is speaking her truth in the diary room.
Some went ahead to say that she has no right to be overconfident considering that she can’t spell “daughter”. This is the highest level of fallacy seen so far on the Nigerian social media streets. For Jove’s sake, being confident or even overconfident does no one harm. Tacha is rather playing her game her way and she should not be condemned for choosing her own path.
This was how Tboss in season 2 and CeeCee in season 3 were able to get to the last day of the show.
Overconfidence is not a crime. It rather endears you to certain type of people, the maverick’s.

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