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Ogoni Clean-Up: Minister of Environment leads Delegation to the UK

Committed to the restoration of oil polluted sites, the minister of environment, Suleiman Hassan Zarma, has led other senior government officials on a working visit to the United Kingdom for the successful clean-up of Ogoni oil spill.

The trip which was facilitated by the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) was to enable the delegates acquire global best practices in the remediation of other sites contaminated by oil pollution across the country.

The members of governing council of Hydrocarbon Pollution and Remediation Project (HYPREP) who were part of the tour are expected to visit five sites in the United Kingdom.

These include Biogénie’s Trecatti and Redhill soil treatment facilities in South Wales and South East England respectively, the Coed Darcy regeneration project in South Wales, the former Avenue Coking Works in the East Midlands, and ALS Laboratories in North West England. Biogénie’s Trecatti contaminated soil treatment facility in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales provides clean-up for a variety of contaminants, with special focus on soils impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons.

The facility also operates at a larger scale and could accept a wider range of different types of waste, just as it serves as the main treatment facility for London and the south east. Added to this is that the facility is used for the treatment of soil that would have been disposed as hazardous waste, even as the cleaned-up soil could be re-used for restoration and landscaping. For Redhill, the soil treatment facility revealed how decontamination processes used at other sites could be scaled up.

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