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Dead body at Artillery Bus stop in Port-harcourt needs urgent evacuation - Graphic photos

A dead body has been lying at 2nd Artillery Opposite Okporo, right in front of MRS filling station for over 2 days now.

Artillery is a popular popular bus stop on Aba Road, Portharcourt. Most commuters stand here to board buses, even personnels of different companies wait there to board there various staff buses.

We woke up to this gory sight on Monday 29/04/19, as I type this today 01/05/19 it is unbelievable that the body is still lying there.

I personally don't like taking pictures and posting news like this but I honestly can't help it any longer, as I feel obligated to at least take an action which is to alert the Obio Akpor LGA RIVERS state officials , the RIVERS STATE GOVT and most importantly the Rivers state police to this sad situation.
First of all, the corpse is fast becoming an environmental hazard as it is already swollen, decomposing and smelling, I believe by this time tomorrow it might burst and the foul odour will be so unbearable.

This is a special appeal to whoever is reading this who knows someone who knows someone who can help facilitate the removal of the corpse as soon as possible.

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