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Singer T-Pain Loses Florida Home Due To Unpaid Bank Loans

American Singer T,-Pain has reportedly lost his florida home to a foreclosure due to unpaid debts.

Last year, T-Pain was sued Deutsche Bank after they accused the singer of failing to make proper mortgage payments for a loan he took out in 2007. Unfortunately, he didn’t show up to court to deal with the lawsuit and now, he has lost his home due to foreclosure.
According to TheBlast, T-Pain’s has lost his Florida home to foreclosure. The Deutsche Bank sued the singer last year and claimed that he defaulted on the mortgage for his home. They claimed that Pain hasn’t made a mortgage payment since July 2016. They alleged he owed $83,800K and interest. Pain took out an $85K loan to purchase the house in 2007.
The bank recently demanded a default judgment which was ultimately granted on September 26th after the singer never went to court to fight the lawsuit. Now, T-Pain was ordered to pay $117,158.22 for the $83K owed as well as interest and legal fees. Additionally, the rapper has until October 29th to pay the amount due in its entirety or his home will be sold to the highest bidder during a public auction.

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