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Rivers State Comissioner Gifts Cars To His Party Executives To Celebrate Nigeria's Indepence - Photos

Rivers state commissioner of finance and a major stakeholder in the peoples democratic party (PDP) Dr.Fred Kpakol has presented brand new cars to ward party chairmen of the PDP in his local government area to mark Nigeria's 58th independence celebration.

The frontline politician and philantropist also charged the party leaders to continue to work for the victory of the party in the 2019 general elections.

Check photos below...


Unknown said...

He has always been a good man and he promise to deliver more

He didn't discriminate and a respected man in the the grassroots and I belief he will attain a greater height too after all

Keep living Dr.

Gos be with you and family.

ChiChi Ujah said...

He is indeed a very great ogoni man and politician