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"The biggest threats to democracy are the people who stay at home on election day", - Barack Obama

Former US President Barack Obama said individuals who never vote were biggest threat to democracy.

  He said it was the responsibility of every citizen and generation to vote because democracy depended on casting ballot .

 According to Obama, the only way to tame a government of powerful few was through an organised majority electorate The economic crisis which has seen fuel prices skyrocket with introduction of 16% Value Added Tax on petroleum products has made Kenyans rue their decisions and lose hope in the political process.

 Former US President Barack Obama who traces his roots to Kenya, however, defended the importance of politics in development of nations, saying the biggest threat to prosperity of democracy were individuals who stayed home on voting day.

In an address to students of Illinois University, on Saturday, September 8, Obama said every citizen and generation bore the responsibility of making democracy thrive through active participation. 

The speech which resonated with Kenya's situation where National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters were mocking Jubilee enthusiasts over their voting choice which had subjected all of them to unbearable economic times, vindicated everyone who voted.

 "The biggest threat to our democracy doesn't come from any one person. 

The biggest threat to our democracy is indifference and cynicism, a cynicism that has led too many people to turn away from politics, and to stay home on election day," said Obama. 

In the speech, Obama send a strong message that the only way to tame a powerful government controlled by a few individuals was through democracy by organised many.

He said everyone needed to vote irrespective of their choices because that was what democracy depended on to thrive. 

"The antidote to government by the powerful few is democracy by the organized many.

 If you get involved, and engaged, and knock on some doors, and talk with your friends, and argue with your family members, and change some minds, and vote. Then something powerful happens," he said.

According to Obama, voting in new surprise candidates automatically brought hope and change which would transform livelihoods of every citizen thus those who never voted for anyone were an impediment to change and development. "I believe that can be the legacy of your generation. 

You can be the generation that stood up and reminded us just how precious democracy is, and just how powerful it can be when we fight for it," he added. 

He reiterated for fairness, justice and equality in every new political move by citizens of the US and similarly democratic states.

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