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Reno Omokiri writes new book on Slayqueens - A must read for ladies

Bestselling author,pastor and a former presidential spokesman,Reno Omokiri has just announced the release of a new book titled " A SLAYQUEEN IS LIKE AN ORANGE WITH NO JUICE".

Here's an excerpt from the new book which has been published on The Medium.

Queen Is Like an Orange With No Juice
Dear men,
Have you ever got an orange and peeled it only to be disappointed because it has no juice? Multiply that disappointment one million times. That is how you will feel if you marry a slay queen for her beauty only to find out that she has no character. She may be romantic, but finance affects romance, not love. A slay queen may be more romantic towards you when you are more financial towards her. But a person who truly loves you can’t be more loving whether you are richer or poorer. It is a key indicator for differentiating love from romance #RenosNuggets

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