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Hunter becomes hunted:Read how a Cow strangled a lion to death

The lion was strangely strangled by the rope used to tether the cow in its shed 

The cow was the only animal belonging to a widow - Residents termed the incident a miracle saying the lion had terrorised them and killed their livestock for several weeks 

A KWS official said the animal escaped from the park and used to attack during the night It was a scenario of hunter becoming the hunted in the sleepy village of Luciuti village in Meru county after a cow applied skills of miraculous proportions to strangle a lion which wanted to devour it. 

The king of the jungle could not roar in the village as it was strangled by a rope used to tether the scared bovine belonging to a widow during the attack on the night of Thursday, September 7.

According to The Standard on Friday, September 7, the lion had terrorised residents of Amwathi in Igembe North for several weeks, killing and eating the fattest of their flock . 

Amwathi Ward Member of County Assembly John M'Ngai was among residents whose livestock had been eaten by the marauding carnivorous, having lost two cows on Friday, August 31 and Sunday, September 2.

 “The lion escaped from the park and has been roaming and eating livestock. It had pounced on the cow of the widow ready to eat it but got strangled with a rope used to tether the animal which freed itself. 

This is miraculous and undeniably a divine intervention because this was the woman's only cow," said M'Ngai.

The incident attracted a crowd of residents who came out to witness the rare happening and get a a closer glimpse of the dreaded but lifeless lion.

 Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Community Warden Nathan Gatundu acknowledged the lion had caused havoc in the area where it had been habitually striking during the day and hiding in thickets at night. 

"Iwas called late on Thursday, September 6 and told the lion had died in the woman's homestead. 

Physical examination indicated it had eaten something like a goat. It could also have died because of stress since it was being hunted down," Gatundu said.

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