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Buhari to give Nigerians 24/7 power supply if re-elected - Amaechi

The Minister of Transportation and Director general of the Buhari campaign organization, Rotimi Amaechi has said Nigerians will enjoy 24 hours power supply if President Buhari is re-elected in 2019. Amaechi disclosed this during an interactive session with the media in Abuja on Tuesday, September 11th.

Speaking on why Buhari and the APC government deserves the second term, Amaechi said;
“There is also an improvement in power. We have from 3000megawatt to 7000 but we are distributing 5000 because some of the Infrastructures are not in good state but we are slowly fixing them.

The expectation is that it should be 24 hours power supply but there will still be a gap but if you give us a second term, that gap will be closed.”
Speaking further, the former Rivers state governor said;
“Nigerians have taught me a lesson I learnt in politics and that is why nothing bothers me again. The people praising you today, if you see them when you are out of power, you will be shocked.
 Those singing hallelujah and hosanna will still be the same people to shout crucify him tomorrow.
We have done much more than transport. In terms of Corruption; this economy was a rent economy. Public money was spent anyhow and it was an economy that was not worked hard for.
 That is why you see politicians today very rich and one year after government, they are poor. They are like that because they don’t know how to manage the money.
“When Buhari came, he said no and that we cannot continue to spend anyhow. Buhari has not said people should not steal, he has rather kept quiet to see who can steal because there is a consequence for stealing.

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