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See The Face Of The Lady Wanted By The Police For Having Sex With A Man In The Presence Of A Five-Year-Old Boy - Photos

Kenyan Police Are Currently looking For Jecinta Adhiambo, The Woman Who Had S*x With A Man In Front Of Her kid.
Police are looking for Jecinta Adhiambo who is known for selling her n#des after she posted a video of her having s#x with another man as a five-year-old child watched.
Kenyans took to social media to express their anger at her latest video and called for her arrest for molesting and tormenting the young boy.
The latest video comes after another one she released a couple of months ago showing her having s*x with a fish.
Adhiambo who has openly indicated that she sells n#des and s*x videos, took to Facebook and Whatsapp to announce to her clients that a new hot video was out.
One Jack Muia reacted after seeing the disturbing recording. He said that, “This woman should be in jail. You cannot do that to a child!”

Speaking to The Nairobian on phone, kayole police boss Philip Lenkidi said they are investigating the matter and hoped to arrest the suspect.
Lenkidi said police are yet to confirm if indeed the woman lives in Kayole as is being claimed, but said they are seriously looking into the matter.
“We don’t know exactly where she lives, but we are looking for her and we will soon get her,” he said.
Lenkidi has asked anyone who knows the whereabouts of Adhiambo to report to the nearest police station.
despite the police statement, Adhiambo was all over social media selling the new video where a young child is seen pulling her legs as she does her thing with a slender man whose face is hidden.
It is not clear where the video was recorded, but Adhaimbo has been busy online selling what she claims puts food on her table.
When The Nairobian caught up with her on WhatsApp, she described as rumors the reports that police are looking for her. She said that as far as she is concerned, she is not misusing anyone’s body and will not be intimidated by anyone.
“I am in business. I talk money,you either place your order or ‘go dry!’” she responded before going offline.
Her profile picture on WhatsApp is of a woman giving a man bl-ow job, with her number inscribed, urging her followers to buy the videos.
The videos go for between Sh300 and Sh500, depending on the length and how er*otic they are.

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