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Opinion: Nigeria And The Illusion Of Change, By Prince Dune Barima

Nigeria and the Illusion of Change 

I have noticed with disdain and disappointment that many diehard Buharists and fanatics will never stop bringing former president Jonathan and his heavily corruption infested administration into any issue concerning the evaluation of the present government to score cheap points because they are unable to deal with the many problematic issues concerning Buhari and his government on their respective merits.

If this government is evaluated on the basis of its election promises, will her scorecard be any different from what is obtained up until now? I doubt so! Put in simple terms, it's a dismal and abysmal failure!

President Buhari, like others before him, has proven that integrity (character) though critical in governance, is not adequate. There is the need, not only for a proper understanding of the root cause of the Nigerian problem but the capacity and competence to advance solutions and deal with the issues promptly. 

While we should give thumbs up to Buhari and his government on the introduction of the whistle blower policy and the eventual recovery of looted funds, I doubt if the same can be done about following: the manner in which he is going about the slanted pursuit and witch-hunting of corrupt politicians in the opposition while at the same time, he turns blind eyes on the witches and wizards in his own party; the way in which the recovered funds have been put to use; his ability to deal 
with the main matters of worsening insecurity and economic situation in the country and the general effectiveness of the corruption fight. 

To be modest, Buhari, has demonstrated, against all expectations that he lacks not only the understanding of the Nigerian problem but the capacity and competence to solve the many-faceted issues of the Nigerian problem and thus incompetent to rule the Nigerian nation as president. 

Let nobody be disillusioned. Nigeria has one million and one young, competent and capable men and women of character who are much more qualified and can do a better job than Buhari in all ramifications. Of course they may not be allowed to emerge as presidential candidates under the two major corruption infested political parties in Nigeria. 

You know why? These two parties are full of these same old recycled, corrupt and failed politicians who will never be willing to relinquish power. Secondly, the youth, who forms the larger part of the Nigerian population and have the power to flush these failed politicians out are still divided, sleeping, yet to wake up from their slumber, stupor, political apathy and illusion of change and perhaps be mobilize to advance any meaningful change that will not only be obvious to all but beneficial to the people.

It's a shame that we keep holding on to these recycled, failed old bags as saviors rather than facilitate the emergence of a new breed of Young Nigerian politicians who are not yet infected by corruption bug of the old bags. It is rather unfortunate that some people are still thinking and hoping that this present government can bring about any meaningful change. It's an illusion.

Isn't it obvious that there is no difference between this corruption infested PDP and APC? These parties are made up of the same old recycled corrupt politicians who had looted our commonwealth and brought Nigeria to its knees. 

Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. Is it not insanity that the Nigerian people keep electing these old, failed corrupt politicians and expect a change? How can we expect them to do something different and perhaps deliver change when their agenda is never in the national but personal interest. They need political power in order to rip you off and keep you perpetually asleep and ignorant enough to not do something about it.

Wake up guys, it's an illusion to think change is coming with the present make up of these political parties. I can tell you this for free, No change can come from these old bags who think Nigeria's comnonwealth wealth is theirs for the taking. They are not going in there to serve you but to impoverished you! Wake up from your slumber. They see winning election as winning a lottery! 

To underscore this point, please, take an adventure back in time when the current national chairman of APC, Adams Oshiomhole was not a governor (His case readily comes to mind because he was at the forefront of the fight for the emancipation of the oppressed Nigerian workforce as a comrade and labour leader and often publicly profess his disdain for ostentatious lifestyle) and then fast forward, after his eight years stint in the government house, he now owns a multi-billion Naira palatial mansion and country home, as reported by the Will news service, which his salary as a governor for eight years can not make happen let alone as a union leader. The palatial mansion will blow your mind. It has lion's den, a zoo, French bridge, French Lounge, artificial lake and more. Where did he get the money to build this imposing edifice? Your guess is as good as mine. Public funds! 

Please, realize however, that the power to change the tide and the narrative lies with the Nigerian youth population. It will take a wakened, united and mass mobilized population of the Nigerian youths to turn the table and tide and bring about a paradigm shift in the Nigerian leadership and politics. It is actually the Nigerian youths that makes the two major political parties in Nigeria tick. If they can unite, reform and be mobilized to make a difference, they can influence the Nigerian political directions, decisions and outcomes in no small way.

As it stands presently, some of the youths already coming out to indicate their interest to run for the Nigerian Presidency will stand no chance against these old bags without a wakened, united and mobilized youth population.

Let's do something about it. Don't just talk the talk, do the talk! 

Let me invite you to join the Nigerian Youths Community (NYC) on a mission to awaken and mobilize the Nigerian youths to flush out the old, recycled, failed and corrupt politicians and pave way for the emergence of new breed of young Nigerian politician in the Nigerian polity. 

Join the train! 


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Unknown said...

Yes, I agree with you on the need to change the change for a better Nigeria. Keep it up Duune.