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If You Must Cheat Please Use Condoms,Diamond Platinum,s Advice To The Youths

Tanzanian superstar singer Diamond Platinum was talking about his own experience with ex-wife Zari and side chick Hamisa .

The star says youth should always use protection while with their 'clandes'.

 Diamond was speaking in an interview with Tanzania's entertainment channel 247hh.com 

Celebrated Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz has for the first time taken his time to advice fellow youth on matters Of reproduction and safe copulation. 

The star urged young people across the world to always use protection whenever they engage sexually with their lovers.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Tanzania's entertainment channel 247hh.com, the Utanipenda hitmaker narrated how his infidelity and recklessness 'forced' him to father a baby with a side chick. 

The singer revealed that he would never have been embarrassed publicly if he had used a condom with his side dish Hamisa Mobetto.

I think I should tell my friends watching me that no matter when you have a wife, or you just have a girlfriend when you have a side chick make sure you always use a condom so that it can protect you,'' he said.

Diamond's advice to the youth came quite as a surprise to many since most people have been seeing him as a player who has in the past been linked with countless women. 

However, it also acted as a wake-up call to most youth especially his fans who believe he was the right person to pass the message having been through the same.

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