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HTC Set To Unveil New SmartPhones On August 30th

Giant phone makers HTC isn't producing phones as fast as is used to, however, there is another HTC U phone not too far off. Another Tweet from HTC has reported that the organization will reveal its most recent passage to its HTC U lineup on August 30.

The Tween and the picture don't offer a great deal of detail, however, the presumption is that the HTCU12 Life is the thing that will be flaunted on August 30. The HTC U12 Life will be a successor to a year ago mid-range HTC U11 Life, highlighting a  display of 6-inch 2160×1080 pixel , 4GB of RAM, 64GB of capacity, a 3,060 mAh battery, raise double camera with 16 and 5 MP sensors, the most recent form of Edge Sense and an outline which will repeat that of the HTC U12+.

What's obscure about the HTC U12  is the construction materials and cost. A year ago HTC U11 Life highlighted a plastic back cover and casing. While this enabled HTC to drastically lessen generation costs and the last value purpose of the telephone, the construct felt shabby. Ideally, HTC will figure out how to utilize a similar material of the HTC U12+ and convey a top-notch expand on the HTC U12 Life.

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