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Guys' 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Campus Girl

You have seen her on the 'gram and oh my is she heavenly. Her Instagram Stories are always on fire and her lifestyle is to die for. You are dying to DM her, you feel that she is the missing piece the insipid puzzle you call life. 

Imagine what the boys would say when they see her in your arms. You can even visualize your boy ‘Manchi' giving you a fist bump and saying ‘Tight Man"

You know it will not be hard to get her because these campus girls are always rambling on about how they cannot date boys, they only deal with men. In case you did not know, ‘boys’ are their fellow male counterparts in campus while ‘men’ are guys with jobs. You are a man and you know it.

This is why you should not make the biggest mistake of your life;

 1. Cab fare: One thing you should know is that the campus chic is always broke. So every time you want to meet up you will always have to send her money for transport. For your information, she does not use public transport, only taxis. You know how they can take a toll on your salo if used often. So if you do not have a car in which you can pick her up then "Tuama"

2. I need to fix my hair : Broke girls have expensive taste and that is something we all have to deal with. Campus girls love to switch up their looks which you may have no problem funding for the first time. After all, 'she is doing this for me', you tell yourself only for her to come back one week later asking for money for a new weave, which is so very expensive. 

3. Airtime : One day into the relationship and this woman is already asking for airtime. You do not want to come off as stingy so you oblige. She does not even call you to say 'thank you' but sends in a quick text, ‘thanks boo.’ She is a viral texter. Always texting you while at work, and when you fail to reply she gets so mad at you that you are always making up for it by sending her more airtime. 

4. Going out: One thing you should know is that she is very idle! After a whole week of skiving classes and the only thing they want to do on Friday is turn up. She is young, so she has no problem club hopping every weekend night. Going out is a status symbol for her, so you better get your wallet ready, because, drinking in the house is not an option for her. 

5. Social Media: Campus girls have a social media obsession, which means they have an insatiable urge to post everything online. Take her out for a date and she will spend most of the time taking pictures of almost everything, especially the food. What happened to making the most of moments. Since the invention of stories, she seems to posting one every minute. If you do not post her on yours, or put her picture as your profile picture, then you are cheating on her.

Be wise, the street is millitary...

Source: Views Media

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