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Fans Attack Huddah Monroe After Posting Unfiltered Photos Of Her Looking Tired - Photos

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has always prided herself in her soft, silky skin and ageless beauty which often leaves people green with envy. On many occasions, the beauty has even offered a word of advise on how every lady should maintain a face that does not conform to age or time.

However, fans all over social media were left scratching their heads after a photo of the socialite looking old and emaciated emerged on Instagram. Most people could not imagine the lady on the photo was actually the Huddah who often praises her baby-soft, caramel skin.

Armed with salty comments and a series of questions, netizens took to social media to offer their two cents on the mind boggling photo. One annoyed lady stated socialites often hide behind layers of makeup and filters then in turn pretend to be naturally beautiful

. A few other Kenyans said they were never again going to bother looking up to public figures who like taking their fans for a ride. 

"These celebs use filters, I mean all of them. 
Let no one lie to you that they have no wrinkles or stretch marks. They use filters to enhance their hips and bums," a netizen by the name Mum Shreeya declared. 

Some of the beauty's fans even started doubting her age with a section stating Huddah must be well over 30-years-old. So much for stunting for the gram.

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