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21 Year Old Man To Be Jailed For Trying To Assasinate UK Prime Minister,Theresa May

A London man who was arrested in a plot to kill United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May is set for sentencing on Friday, August 31. 

Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman, 21, who was arrested in November 2017, was found guilty of planning to commit acts of terrorism in Britain in July 2018.

According to Sky News, Rahman was arrested after collecting dummy explosives from an undercover Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agent who he had contacted him online pretending to be a terror agent. 

The accused had planned to bomb the Prime Minister's office gate at 10 Downing Street, kill the security officers and attack May with a knife or a gun with intent to end her life.

While talking to the FBI agent who had posed as an Islamic State (IS) agent, Rahman said he planned to bomb the UK Parliament. 

"I want to do a suicide bomb on parliament .... I want to attempt to kill Theresa May," said Rahman

 "There are lorries here with big gas tankers. If a brother can drive it next to parliament, I will bomb," he added.

Rahman came to the attention of police after he was arrested for sending indicent photos to a minor and was released but not before the police examined his phone and found potentially extremist views linked to terrorism. 

The sentencing of Rahman has come barely a day after May visited Kenya. She arrived in Nairobi on Thursday, August 30, where she met with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House and held bilateral talks with other business people.

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