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10 GuyCode No Man Should Ever Break, A Must Read For Every Man!

As a guy, there are basic rules amongst men that you should know and abide by it, if you still want to be considered to be a bro!!!

1. Niggas Before Your Girlfriend

Don’t let your girl ruin your social life, when it is time to hangout with your guys, don’t let your girl ruin that moment. Basically create time for your guys when you have a girlfriend.

2. Never Date Your Friend’s Ex

Whether they have dated ten years ago or hundred years ago, never date a friend’s past girlfriend. If you do, then you have broken the guy code.

3. Your Sister’s Friend Is Off Limit

We say “Brother don’t do family” unless you plan on marrying her then you are good. but “if nah chop am clean mouth”. Then it a no no.

4. Be A Strong Alibi For A Brother

You have to be able to cover for your guy either from their parent or girlfriend, you have to be a strong alibi. for example”  May be your friend came home late from a girl’s place, then his girlfriend was becoming suspicious. If they call you to confirm his whereabout… you have to take the responsibility and tell her,he was at your place.

5. Drink Like A Man

You don’t order for maltina or soft drink in the bar, when your friends are taking alcohol. It is better not to take anything at that point.

6. Respect Another Brother’s Privacy

Every guy has his own personal lines. Understand where their line is and do not pass that line. For example, Never watch porn on your guy’s laptop. it a thing.

7. Never Let Your Guy Drive Home Drunk Alone

It is either you call UBER for him or you drive him home yourself.

8. Be a Side kick

If your friend get into a fight, automatically you have to join in and fight that person. There beef is your beef.

9. Never Get Stingy

If you want to be considered to be a bro, Be a giving type.

10. A Bet Is A Bet

If a bet is made and you lose, no matter what. You must follow through with his obligations to carry out his side of the bet.


Michael Nwaja said...

Correct and on point

Ukezie Emmanuel said...

Nice,no 8 Sha that year