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Oil Spillage Destroys Ogoni Community As Leakage Occurs On Shell Pipeline- Photos

A community in Gokana local government area, in Ogoni Rivers State is currently experiencing a major oil spill on their land and environment!

Indigenes of Baranyonwa Dere Town woke up on the 12th of June 2018 to discover that their farmlands has been polluted by a leakage on a Shell/PPMC pipeline passing through the community.

The indigenes of the community,who are mostly farmers and fishermen has seen their crops destroyed and their land left devastated!

VIEWSMEDIA has learnt that
SPDC has Embarked on an illegal excercise of replacing their underground pipelines in a purported bid to restart oil exploration in Ogoni land.

This is despite the fact that SPDC has refused to adequately compensate victims of many years of unprofessional oil exploration and also have several court injunctions against them not to re-enter Ogoniland again without recourse to due process!

SPDC has also inadvertently refused to support the federal governments bid to carry out the UNEP report based cleanup exercise in Ogoni land.

They have instead resorted to cajoling and bribing local chiefs and community leaders in a bid to launch an illegal comeback in Ogoni land.

The indigenes of the community are thereby calling on the state government,civil rights organizations, environmentalist,MOSOP and all relevant authorities to come to their aid.

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