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Sad! How a man killed his roommate over a girlfriend

A 23 year old bus conductor Joseph Robert has been sent to 21 years in prison for killing his roommate, kalu kalu by Justice Sedotan Ogusanya of Ikeja high court, Lagos.

The state government has brought a murder charge against Roberts after he allegedly  stabbed kalu on
the neck with a knife during a fight.

He was sentenced by Justice Ogusanya for man slaughter after the charge was changed from murder to manslaughter based on the consideration that the convict had no intention of killing the deceased.

State prosecutors said the convict committed the offence on 2nd February, at 1 shokunbi street, sasha, in the Ikeja judicial council.

According to confessional statements, Robert and the deceased lived in a one room apartment, until Robert decided to harbour his girlfriend, blessing, who was sent packing by her elder brother, a co-tenant.

This however did not go down well with kalu who complained about the girls attitude and the manner in which Robert took the matter.

On the day of the incidence, around 11 pm,  the deceased got so infuriated over the long stay of the girl and threatened to throw her out.

A scuffle ensued between Roberts and the deceased, while fighting, Roberts used a kitchen knife and stabbed kalu in the neck and he fell.

Roberts noticing that his friend was bleeding profusely, rushed him to a clinic but he died on the way!

The matter was reported to the police by their landlord.

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