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MARRIAGE: The the rich and  the poor...Pt 1

        Between Zahra buhari and ahmed indimi

There has always been a disparity and a big gap between the rich and the poor globally. But in Nigeria, it's gotten to a whole new level.

Just recently, the Nigerian deposit insurance scheme,(Ndic) released a report about how 10% of nigerians own 90% of monies deposited in banks, which is true owing to the fact that most nigerian bankers operate savings accounts, which they use in receiving salaries. Which they withdraw and spend almost immediately. The gap between the rich and poor just keeps getting bigger!

With recent happenings in the country and with succe
ssive governments implementing policies that always favours the rich, one would be left to wonder what the future holds for common nigerians.

Marriage as an institution is suppose to be union of two individuals irrespective of race, tribe, religion or political affiliation. It should be all about love. But with the rich always marrying the rich am left to wonder if love is actually truely blind. Maybe love have the ability to maybe discern between the rich and the poor. By the way who wouldn't want to love the daughter of the president?  who wouldn't love the son of a billionaire. ...which nigerian wouldn't?

I don't know if its social discrimination or love is selective when it involves the rich class. I cant tell since am not yet in the rich class. Unlike what we see in movies or what we read in novels, in reality, the rich never falls in love with the poor or should I say the rich can never marry the poor!

I still can't understand this phenomenon, maybe because the rich class have their own SCHOOL, their own SHOPPING MALL and their own SPECIAL PLACES OF WORSHIP (front rows).Soit becomes extremely difficult for a young hard working man without a ‘name' to meet a rich and famous young lady.

Even when it happens, it never leads to marriage, because the rich parents will never approve of it! They will never desecrate their SOCIAL SHRINE! They must consolidate on their wealth and riches! What a pity!!

Marriage should have beenone of the tools to bridge the social gap between the rich and the poor, it should have also been a tool to alleviate poverty and a form of compensation for the poor! It should be used to build bridges between two classes of the society. It should cross the social, ethnic and religious line. It should be used to make new friends and create a new family, not the normal and usual form of marriages among the political class and elites that always look like an ‘arrangee’
Imagine billonaire son, Ahmed Indimi, marrying a young, smart girl from an unknown family in kastina state, imagine the fortune of an unknown family changing overnight, imagine the happiness and pride this would have brougt to their community.

Imagine hundreds of hungry people that would have been fed that day, at the marriage reception! Imagine the joy and happiness that, would have brought to common Nigerians. Just imagine. ..

Or imagine zahra buhari getting married to an unknown young, intelligent hardworking man. Imagine the life of that young man changing for good! Imagine been the inlaw of the most powerful man in the country....

Concerning zahra buhari,  is it that there wasnt any eligible young bachelor out there that Was qualified to be a presidential son-inlaw?? Apart from a billionaire son...?
Is the marriage based on love, or was it another political 'arrangee’ marriage? We all hope its built on love...though time will tell.....

Though Zahra should not forget in a hurry that she broke the heart of many young nigerian men! What a shame.

Wishing mr and mrs ahmed indimi a happy married life.

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